California Baby Natural Bug Blend (travel) (Pack of 2)


  • Safe to use on the whole family – DEET-free, non-toxic, eco-friendly bug repellent
  • Refreshing scent of citronella, lemongrass and cedar pure essential oils naturally repel bugs
  • Allergy tested: gluten-free, soy-free, oat-free, dairy-free and nut-free (except for coconut)
  • Sprayer can be locked by twisting – perfect for travel or camping!
  • Award-winning bug spray repels mosquitoes, fleas, ticks, and biting flies





Our award-winning Natural Bug Repellent is a non-toxic alternative to foul-smelling DEET products and is safe for babies over six months. Our DEET-free, Natural Bug Blend harnesses the active ingredients of pure essential oils of citronella, lemongrass and cedar, which smell lovely to human but are naturally repellent to annoying bugs such as fleas, mosquitoes, ticks and biting flies.

The eco-friendly spray is made from plant-based ingredients and is safe for head-to-toe use (avoid contact with eyes). This spray is double duty too, it soothes existing bites with herbs that care for the skin. The sprayer twists to lock, so it’s great for travel and camping.

This cruelty-free product is allergy tested and does not contain: gluten, soy, oats, dairy, or nuts (except coconut)

Free of: DEET, harsh chemicals, and synthetic fragrances.

All products are blended, manufactured & packaged at California Baby’s headquarters located in Los Angeles, California, USA. Their manufacturing facility is FDA registered, certified organic, and solar powered. California Baby is proudly woman owned and family owned & operated since 1995.


Tips for use:

Repellency is based on scent – reapply generously and often

Never spray directly into the face, instead spray onto fingertips and apply

Patch test before spraying onto clothes to make sure it doesn’t stain

Don’t forget to spray hair lightly for head-to-toe overall coverage.

Additional information

Weight .4 oz
Dimensions 1.5 x 3 x 5.79 in


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